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Kids event photo

Planning your big event has taken months and you want to make sure everything is perfect.

Why not make every moment count with professional photography services?  Ohana Journals knows exactly what makes a memorable photograph and will help capture the most special and spontaneous moments.


Our goal is to focus on special moments.  We want to capture the magic of your event by slipping into the background and let the event run exactly the way you want it.  You will get to see the candid interactions and things you may have missed during all the excitement.  We create images to tell your story while you are having a great time!

Getting Started

The best way to find out if Ohana Journals can satisfy your next event photoshoot is to tell us a bit more about your event.


Please fill out the CONTACT FORM and Ohana Journals will reach out to set up a time to talk about your upcoming event.

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